Start A Dialogue

Whether you’re a parent, relative, youth or community member, acknowledging the issue of prescription medication misuse and abuse is a crucial step to raising awareness and addressing the problem. Research shows that children who learn a lot about the risks of drugs from their parents are significantly less likely to use drugs than kids who don’t get this information at home.

Source: Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, Preventing Teen Abuse of Prescription Drugs Fact Sheet

Parents: Talk to Your Kids

The Parent Talk Kit: Tips for Talking and What to Say to Prevent Drug and Alcohol Abuse provides guidance on starting a conversation, what to say and how to answer tough questions. Check out resources for other concerned citizens who may want to initiate a discussion, including healthcare workers, educators, communities and law enforcement. Spanish-speaking? Check out resources for parents and grandparents.

Community Members: Spread the Word

Use the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids’ teen-made documentary, our short film “If Only” along with a special accompanying toolkit designed to help you share information on teen medicine abuse with friends, schools, communities, families and more. You can also use the teen-targeted Above the Influence Toolkit with kids aged 12-17 in community settings to build their confidence and prevent risk-taking behaviors. The Toolkit includes a video titled “Not Prescribed” and accompanying discussion guide that uses real families to help people understand the risks of teen medicine abuse. A facilitator guide and activity sheets make it easy to customize the sessions.

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